Ah, the Leafs

Honestly, I haven’t care too much about hockey for a long time. My sports are cycling, tennis and jai alai really–very much non-mainstream in North America. But I am a child of Toronto in the 79s, and so…I am a Leafs fan. It’s a burden I bear quietly.

And here we go again: in the playoffs first round, looking promising, despite a horrible injury to star John Tavares. This time–sacre bleu!–against the dreaded Habitants de Montreal, thanks to adjusted divisions caused by the Covid situation. It’s like 1979 and I’m 8 years old all over again. The Leafs take an early lead and run the series up to a 3-1 lead…only one win away from taking the series.

And they fall. The Canadiens win two in a row to tie the series and force the leafs into a sudden death winner takes all loser takes nothing series.

It’s be shocking, if we hadn’t seen it so many times before (hello Boston, and others.) In the end, it’s a tale as old as time…a collapse by hockey’s richest franchise. A win tonight may come, but it’s not deserved. Our confidence is shattered once again gentlemen. Well played.

The answer to the hypothetical question of How Much Do The Leafs Suck is “A Lot…A Lot More Than You Think.”

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